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Steve Van Lint

Steve Van Lint

Mail : steve@stevek.be
Phone : +32 (0) 476 / 31 42 50

About Me

My name is Steve Van Lint and I work as an End User Support agent for an Software development company. Primarily I do first and second line Support.

Arco Information develops, sells and implements software products in the domain of document management, electronic archiving, workflow management, mail management and storage.

I have several years of experience in this area, am customer oriented and I can easily adjust to a new environment.


I am what you call a "geek", if it has a chip in it, I'll probably like it.

Anything that has to do with webdesign, webdevelopment gets my attention.

But that also goes for: smartphones, tablets, wireless/wired networks, task automation, active directory, ... It's a pretty big list.

On my own time I like to read, watch movies, play some games, do a little webdesign...

I also play foosball in 2 leagues (CBKA and VKV). For the VKV I am part of the organization and also did the website layout for the normal and the mobile site.

Language Skills

Language Oral Written
Dutch (native) StarStarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar
English StarStarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar
French StarStarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar

Technical Skills

Working Knowledge

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Office 2003
  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010
  • Exchange
  • Active Directory
  • Pc Imaging
  • Hardware Support
  • TCP/IP
  • VPN
  • Altiris
  • BlackBerry (BES/BIS)
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Personal Knowledge

  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Ongoing training

currently I am attending evening school following a 3 year course to become an analyst/programmer.

Work History

  • Arco Information 9/2012 - present

    • Provide Software support on document and workflow software developed by Arco Information
    • Integrate with the clients ICT infrastructure and follow existing procedures and comply with local ICT standards
    • Provide support for Kofax Capture + KTM
    • Install / upgrade our products for customers and partners
    • SQL Server management @customers
    • Oracle Server management @customers
  • Pauwels Consulting 6/2008 - 08/2012

    • Provide Hard- and Software support as a consultant for clients
    • Integrate with the clients ICT infrastructure and follow existing procedures and comply with local ICT standards
    • Become part of the local support environment, blend in with the team
    • Delhaize Group

      • As a Helpdesk Officer for the Corporate Office of Delhaize Group
      • Provide support for the people at the Corporate Office
      • Provide VIP support to all SVP's, VP's, the CEO and all executive members
      • Liaise with IT Delhaize Belgium for issues related to the Corporate Office
    • Deloitte & Touche

      • I worked for the Front Office, the single point of contact for all matters ICT related as an ICT Support Engineer
      • Acted as "Firefighter", providing VIP support for higher management functions and business critical systems
    • Shurgard Selfstorage

      • Providing support for the sales people in the different Shurgard Stores in Europe and for the business employees in the local support centers
    • Stésud

      • Act as a project coordinator with regards to the elections held on 7/6/09 and on 13/06/2010
      • Train the people responsible for the installations and coordinate the installations in the different communities
      • Follow up with ministry of internal affairs on the progress of the project
      • Provide technical support for the media companies who receive data from Stésud and publish this on different media channels
  • DHL (BRU HUB) 4/2005 - 5/2008

    • Support ASI (Automated Supplier invoices = A DHL bespoken solution which automates business processes associated with the DHL airline, focusing on supplier invoices)
    • Support Brussels Inventory, Landing & handling module, IRC and TNC module, Brussels Fuel, Contracts, Accruals, Reporting and user security with the ASI application
    • Interact with Amtrix team – EDI and XML mappings
    • Analyze user processes
    • Liaise with programmer
    • Create user work instructions
  • DHL (GCC) 1/2002 - 3/2005

    • Software and Hardware support on site for internal users
    • Installation of new pc's and replacement of end of lease pc's
    • Handling network problems and providing network connections for users
    • Installation and maintenance of dial up software (VPN, GPRS,…)
  • DHL (BAC) 9/1999 - 12/2001

    • Support JDEdwards Financials software
    • User Security administration for JDEdwards WorldSoftware
    • User Security administration for Windows NT Server (BAC domain)
    • Handle all User access requests to any other IT systems
    • Handling of customer calls related to the core financial software and recording all reported problems and end-users questions in the Helpdesk database
    • Update the call status and assure daily follow-up of any problems recorded in the Helpdesk database
    • Prepare various reports from Helpdesk database as required
    • Liaise with IT department on technical aspects of AS/400 connected workstations (communications, networking and software interfacing) and printers
    • Advise users on software and program issues as far as they relate to the core finance application (JDE)
  • C&A Firma Logidis 9/1998 - 8/1999

    • Responsible for internal moves
    • Office supplies, printers and copiers
  • Artal NV 3/1998 - 7/1998

    • Order picking of frozen food items
    • Inventory
  • Mewa (Servibel) 4/1997 - 8/1997

    • Pickup and delivery of work clothing at client side for cleaning
    • Getting final measurements for new work clothes for new clients
    • General Inventory
  • Procter & Gamble 9/1996 - 4/1997

    • Supply chain quality check
    • Ensuring continuity of production chain
  • Krëfel 10/1994 - 7/1996

    • Order picking for small items
    • Fork lift driver - order picking and unload/load trucks
    • Inventory maintenance